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Keep Your Boiler in Top Condition with Boiler Repairs in Smithers

Are you looking for boiler repairs in Smithers? Priority Vac Ltd. serves the commercial, industrial and residential markets including mobile homes across BC. We’ll clean and sanitize not only air ducts, but we successfully tackle boilers, pellet stoves, paint booths, attic insulation and more. We will make sure everything is in perfect working order and safe before the winter winds blow.

Pellet Stove Service

Having your chimney properly swept clean also carries benefits pertaining to the efficiency of your fireplace. A clean chimney prevents the smoke from flowing back into your home and helps the heat to radiate better where it is needed. Once your chimney is clean you can safely enjoy a warm evening by the fireplace in your home with the peace of mind that it is safer from a potential house fire.

We offer free estimates on all of our services, so to set up an appointment, please contact us today.

What Is Your Boiler Type?

Whatever type of boiler you have, we can repair it and help you take complete advantage of your boiler.

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