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Keep Your Fireplace Safe with Chimney Sweeping in Smithers

When it’s time to clean your chimney, think of Priority Vac Ltd. Our thorough chimney sweeping and cleaning services in Smithers will greatly reduce your probability of a chimney fire, which could spread to your home. We not only sweep the soot from the inside of the chimney, but we’re also careful to remove the creosote from chimney walls, using the proper tools for the job. Don’t allow your charming chimney to become a liability!

Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning

Having your chimney properly swept clean also carries benefits pertaining to the efficiency of your fireplace. A clean chimney prevents the smoke from flowing back into your home and helps the heat to radiate better where it is needed. Once your chimney is clean you can safely enjoy a warm evening by the fireplace in your home with the peace of mind that it is safe from a potential house fire.

We offer free estimates on all of our services, so to set up an appointment, please contact us today.

Pellet stove chimney before
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pellet stove chimney after
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An Unclean Chimney Is Hazardous!

Having your chimney cleaned by professionals can keep away debris and soot.

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